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Investment Advice And Financial Planning – Find It At The IFA Agency


At The IFA Agency we provide you with the best financial adviser for your needs, be that general independent financial advice or more specific requirements such as retirement planning, wealth management or inheritance tax planning, we tailor the choice of Adviser to your specific needs and geographical location. All of the advisors we match our clients with are highly experienced and fully qualified and often have specific areas of expertise.

Free Financial Advice

We provide initial consultations and advice completely without charge. In the initial meeting, we will discuss your needs and requirements and work out what is important to you regarding your financial wealth and future financial planning needs. The second meeting will involve a detailed report and recommendation of solutions that will allow you to reach your financial goals. At this meeting, any charging structure will be discussed and agreed between you and your chosen adviser. However, the initial two meetings are complimentary and you will be under no obligation to proceed with the advice given unless you are 100% happy with the advice and the cost of our services.

Unbiased Financial Advice

If you are going to receive advice on your finances then you need to know that the advice you are being given is completely unbiased and independent and not a result of being tied to a particular company or investment ethos. At The IFA Agency, all of our advisers are fully independent so that any advice that is given to you is chosen simply because it best matches your needs and requirements.

Regulated Money & Investment Advice

All of our advisers are fully regulated by and licenced with the Financial Conduct Authority (F.C.A.) This means that any advice that you are given is covered by the F.C.A.’s consumer protection which provides a robust complaints procedure and compensation in the event of unsuitable advice being given.

In addition, all of our Financial Advisers are qualified to give advice in their respective areas and have to undertake regular testing and continuing professional development in order to ensure that their skills and knowledge are constantly updated to keep up with market changes and new legislation.

Our Financial Planning Services

 We offer a wide range of financial consultancy services, here is a summary of the areas with which we assist and advise our clients.

Investment Advice & Wealth Management

Find out how to grow your money and increase your wealth with our investment advice and wealth management services. Whether you are looking to create wealth through tax efficient savings or want to ensure that your current investments perform better than they are currently doing, we can advise you.

Retirement Planning And Pension Advice

Create and look after your nest egg with our retirement planning expertise. We can advise on company pension plans, including auto-enrollment, personal pension plans, final salary pensions and any other type of UK pension plan whether you are looking to build up further provision for your retirement, looking to manage your existing pension funds  or receive advice on taking your pension income tax efficiently, we can help.

Inheritance Tax Planning Advice

Pass your wealth on to your future generations without losing a large sum of money to inheritance tax. With proper financial planning, large amounts of money can be saved for your children by making provisions for the legal avoidance of what is often a completely avoidable tax.

Specialist Financial Planning Advice

At The IFA Agency, we also provide specialist financial planning advice in a range of areas.

Divorce Settlement Financial Advice

Expatriate Financial Advice

After Divorce Advice

Finance Advice For Contractors

Care Fees Advice

Specialist Financial Advice For Women