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Savings and investment advice is not simply about aiming for high returns; it is also a delicate exercise in balancing the need for reward with an individual’s appetite for risk, whilst ensuring that full advantage is taken of any opportunities for tax savings and is both an art and a  skill which takes years to hone and perfect.  

Our Financial Planning advisors have spent many years meeting with clients, discovering what their goals and aspirations are and putting forward individually tailored financial recommendations which meet their risk profile, their current and future tax position  and offer the best possible solution to ensure that financial goals are reached and achieved.

UK Investing Advice From The Professionals

Our Financial Advisors will be able to recommend the best UK investment approach; from the basics of financial planning such as finding the best interest paying savings account and making use of your ISA allowances to more specialist investment vehicles such as Enterprise Investment Schemes and Venture Capital Trusts our trusted advisors will find the best approach for you based on your experience, tax position and attitude to investment risk.

Invest Offshore

If this option is right for you then our advisors can show you the best way to invest your money offshore through vehicles such as an offshore investment bond or other offshore investment vehicles. Our Advisors are experts in advising on various types of offshore investments and if you currently spend or intend to spend time outside of the UK, can also advise expats on their investment options.

Ethical Investing In The UK

At The IFA Agency we can help advise clients who may specifically wish to avoid investments which include investments in such areas as tobacco, gambling or alcohol or which are linked to activities such as animal testing and may wish to actively include eco-friendly investments such as funds which promote renewable energy, organic farming or are involved in low carbon industries. Speak to your financial adviser to find an ethical investment fund that matches your views and ethos.

The Best Risk Free Investment Options

Whilst there is no such thing as a risk free investment and even money on deposit has an element of risk to it, there are various types of investment designed to minimise, as much as possible, the amount of investment risk to which your investments will be exposed. Our advisors are experienced with dealing with these specialist types of structures investments – speak to The IFA Agency for more information.